Schmidt Greyhound Kennel

For those of you that have been following Cami’s litter (Paddy Whacker x Blazin Angelfire), and our Gale WW Wanika x WW’s Blue Bonnet naming rights and preadoption H puppy, we’d like to introduce you to the woman who made it all possible. Due to her generosity and love for her Greyhounds, she has made this wonderful contribution to Greyhound Facts for all to see and appreciate.

The Schmidt family.

“My name is Melissa Schmidt and I am the owner of Schmidt Greyhound Kennel in Iowa. I couldn’t do it without my husband, Dan and my six children. 

Our Greyhound Kennel is in Eastern Iowa, south of the Dubuque Mystique Casino Greyhound track about 35 miles. We started raising Greyhounds about nine years ago part-time. We raised two to four litters a year for the first two years. 

At any given time, we have between 70-100 Greyhounds on our farm. Currently, we have 14 breeding females and their puppies. We usually only keep the puppies until they are about eight to ten months old since we do not do any training on our farm. Schmidt Greyhounds

We hire a lot of local children (in addition to our six children) to socialize and walk our puppies and breeding females. This is one of the most important parts of our program to me. We also have a lot of visitors touring our farm that love to help.”

Keep checking back for more updates on Janie, Jack, and Jamie as we watch them grow up on the Schmidt farm.

Also, Melissa’s story, as written by Joee Kam, was published in the Fall 2015 issue of Celebrating Greyhounds. A copy can be found here.

Permission to use the Schmidt Greyhound logo granted by Southern Cody Designs.

We feel privileged to have great friends such as Schmidt Greyhound Kennel. Not only are they going to allow a “Behind the Scenes” look at a litter of pups, they are going to allow one lucky person to name the “H” pup from the Gale WW Wanika x WW’s Blue Bonnett litter whelped on 11/7/2013 AND have first dips to adopt her after she retires!

Thank you Melissa for this awesome opportunity!

Amanda H Pup

The winner of our contest was Amanda Hodgson. She named the pup Hauling Biscuits and her kennel name is Holly.

Please visit Holly’s page under ‘Follow That Pup’ for more information.

Holly (Haulin Biscuits)