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One of a Kind Linocut Prints

These one of a kind linocut prints will make your walls look like a fine art gallery. You can purchase them here or in our store. Make sure to use the code GreyhoundFactsDonate when ordering and Greyhound Facts will receive 10% of the

Unofficial Schooling?

Unofficial Schooling takes place in the morning on the track before the day’s races. Initially the pups are hand-slipped so that the trainers can see how they are running and if they are following the lure. If that goes well

Are They Related?

When you see prefixes for registered names like Flying and Kiowa, do you wonder if your dogs are related? Chances are they’re not. Some owners like to use them to “mark” their dogs so everyone knows it’s one of theirs.

Janie: How a Personal Relationship Led to a Greyhound Partnership

Melissa Schmidt and Susan Morton Melissa Schmidt, a farmer/breeder in Iowa, and Susan Morton co-own Janie (registered name Steam) one of the pups from the Paddy Whacker x Blazin’ Angelfire litter. As Melissa tells it, Susan and she are friends.

Treats and Toys Myth

Some believe that greyhounds have never had treats and toys until after they retire from racing. All kennels give their dogs treats. Whether it’s marshmallows, Vanilla Wafers, Milk Bones, cows ears etc. Each trainer has their own treats of choice.

Spa Time

Some track kennels have whirlpool tubs. The racers relax and soak in them to help ease sore or tight muscles.

Greyhound Racing is Illegal Myth

Contrary to what you’ve probably heard, Idaho is the ONLY state where racing Greyhounds is illegal. It’s perfectly legal to race Greyhounds in 49 of the 50 states. What is illegal in some of the states, is the pari mutuel

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Nickel’s Ride to Retirement

When racing greyhounds are retired they are given to adoption groups who find homes for them. Here’s Nickel (BC Gotta Nickel) on her way with her trainer to the New Mexico Greyhound Connection adoption group.

Hank’s Hole

Hank has perfected the ultimate sleep hole during turn outs at Tucson.

Rob Gronkowski the Greyhound

Many of you may have heard of Rob Gronkowski, a tight end for the New England Patriots. What many of you may not have heard is that he has a greyhound counterpart who is every bit as famous in the