About Us

Greyhound Facts is the place to learn about all aspects of present day greyhound racing in the USA, from those with hands on experience. Our network of volunteers includes people who are actively involved in the breeding, raising, training, and rehoming of these wonderful hounds, as well as those who adopt them.

Often the general public doesn’t have a true understanding of what the lives of racing greyhounds are like, and how their track experiences contribute to them becoming great pets. Internet searches will lead you to a great deal of information. Unfortunately, most of it is inaccurate and/or out dated. This honest information is sourced from those who truly care about the greyhounds and their well-being.

A menudo el público en general no tiene una verdadera comprensión de cómo son las vidas de las carreras de galgos y cómo su experiencia de seguimiento contribuyen a que se conviertan en grandes mascotas. Las búsquedas en internet los llevan a una gran limpieza de la información. Esta información honesta proviene de que realmente se preocupa por los galgos y su bienestar.

Contact us at info@greyhoundfacts.net.

Meet Our Mascot - Lee Lee

I’d like to introduce Lee Lee the Greyhound Facts mascot. I chose him to represent our organization because he’s always up to something funny, getting into mischief, and is very photogenic.

He wanted to add a few words to tell you about himself:

Hellos! Me name is MK Mulberry, buts me go by Lee Lee nows. Mes was whelped ons October 12, 2011 and me is originally froms Dubuque, Iowa. Mes is retired racings greyhound froms the Jackson Kennel, but mes did never run run runs though. Me flunked outs of track school with mes six littermates!! Mes was fostered withs CIGA (Central Illinois Greyhound Adoption) befores mes headed to Torontos! Mes does lives in Orillia, Ontarios now and me has two big brothers, Teddy (RJ’s Theadore) and Gofer (TMC’s Go For It) and and one kitty that mes does not eats named Tux.

What does me likes to do in retirements? Mes like to go ons Findings Missions! Recentlys, and it did take mes some time, but mes did figures out hows to opens the baby gates intos the KITCHEN! Mes eaten lots and lots of things, like cotton balls and shorts and um stuffy feeties! When mes is on a walk and when mes is happy, me likes to do spider plant spin hip checks ba ba ba prance JAZZ PAWS piggy tails! Buts really, me does like to have snugglys and and be a lap dog, and give hugs, and have me picture takens.

Oh yes! Mes likes to gos to the beach and dig dig dig and and makes splashy splash whens me go swimmings! And me does do runnings now, but it more like trot trot trot fors 5K to 10Ks. Mes has been in in many races, and mes does always wins the ‘Canine’ categories!