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Signs of Heatstroke

Service Dog Mall Training

Service dogs “in training” at the mall. When the veteran is going to be sitting for a long period of time they are taught the “down” command and then “relax”. This means they turn on their side and totally relax.

Greyhound Heart Beat

The greyhound’s heart rate is slower than other dogs due to their athleticism. 60-90 beats per minute is normal at rest. It may be faster if excited (like at the vet’s office).

Are They Related?

When you see prefixes for registered names like Flying and Kiowa, do you wonder if your dogs are related? Chances are they’re not. Some owners like to use them to “mark” their dogs so everyone knows it’s one of theirs.

Treats and Toys Myth

Some believe that greyhounds have never had treats and toys until after they retire from racing. All kennels give their dogs treats. Whether it’s marshmallows, Vanilla Wafers, Milk Bones, cows ears etc. Each trainer has their own treats of choice.

Cutting Your Dog’s Nails

The Greyhound Heart

The greyhound heart is normally much bigger than the heart of other dogs. There is a huge left ventricular hypertrophy (thickening of wall). Same with marathon runners. An ultrasound can differentiate normal from diseased if in doubt. Suzanne Stack, D.V.M.

Nickel’s Ride to Retirement

When racing greyhounds are retired they are given to adoption groups who find homes for them. Here’s Nickel (BC Gotta Nickel) on her way with her trainer to the New Mexico Greyhound Connection adoption group.