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Racing Muzzle Definition

A plastic device with a white tip, which is fitted over the Greyhound’s mouth and jaws, used as an aid in a close photo finish and to protect other Greyhounds while racing.


What Does Benching Mean?

“Benching” is very important in the care of a racing Greyhound. It is much more than just a brief “once over”. The trainer is looking for everything from muscle soreness, bruising, small cuts or sore cuticles, to any fleas, ticks, etc. They are also making sure there is no swelling of the toes or joints.

Trainers usually bench the dogs the day after the race (some will do before and after) in order to catch anything that might be bothering the dog and treat it promptly and appropriately. If something more serious is suspected, such as a bone injury, the dog is taken to the vet for an x-ray.


Sprint Paths

Sprint paths at the tracks can be used for various reasons. Kennels use them to run the dogs between starts. They can also be used to condition a racer that is coming off a rest or an injury.

Sprint path

Spa Time

Some track kennels have whirlpool tubs. The racers relax and soak in them to help ease sore or tight muscles.Whirlpool time


Lures at the tracks have names. Rusty, Sparky, Spunky, Harrison Hare and Casey are just a few of them.

Stuffed toy rabbits (or bunnies), stuffed toy bones, red flags, white flags, pom poms (tassels), windsocks and others are used as lures.


Cool Down

Racers are cooled down and walked after they race.

Combining water cooling techniques and walking them helps to lower their heart rate and body temperature. It also aids in relaxing their muscles.

Walk through tanks, dip tanks, kiddie pools and hoses are some examples of what are used.

Cool down tank