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Crate Size

Racing is Illegal in How Many States?

Forced to Race?

FORCED TO RACE? EXPLODING THE MYTH by Dennis McKeon I came across an interesting article today. The thrust of it is something breeders of sporting and working dogs have known for a long time. “New research from Emory University School

Janie Wins Her Maiden

Janie went box to wire for the win on March 10, 2016! You can watch her video here: Janie’s win.

James’ Update

James (Blu Too James) is from the Oswald Cobblepot x LK’s Energizing litter we’re following on our website. Last week we posted an update on his sister Lillian (Blu Too Lillian) who became a service dog. Like her, James broke

Annette’s Maiden Race

Blu Too Annette runs her first maiden today after winning both of her official schoolings. She’s a 57lb rocket and is part of the Oswald Cobblepot x LK’s Energizing litter we’re following on our website.

Tooth Count

Did you know all puppies have 28 teeth and adult dogs have 42? Here’s Doolin showing off his pearly whites.

Greyhound Life Span

What is the average life of greyhounds? Greyhounds live between 12-14 years on average with a healthy lifestyle.

Are They Related?

When you see prefixes for registered names like Flying and Kiowa, do you wonder if your dogs are related? Chances are they’re not. Some owners like to use them to “mark” their dogs so everyone knows it’s one of theirs.

Janie: How a Personal Relationship Led to a Greyhound Partnership

Melissa Schmidt and Susan Morton Melissa Schmidt, a farmer/breeder in Iowa, and Susan Morton co-own Janie (registered name Steam) one of the pups from the Paddy Whacker x Blazin’ Angelfire litter. As Melissa tells it, Susan and she are friends.