James’ Update

James (Blu Too James) is from the Oswald Cobblepot x LK’s Energizing litter we’re following on our website.

Last week we posted an update on his sister Lillian (Blu Too Lillian) who became a service dog. Like her, James broke his leg while romping around playing on the farm so he was adopted and lives with his new family.

Here’s an update from him:

Hello. I’m Jimmy. But I have lots of names now. Sometimes it’s James, Jimbo, Cornbread, Weirdo, WhatAreYouDoing, StopThat, or BLUTOOJAMES!!! (dat means iahz in twubbles. But I am always INNOCENTS, honest!)

I have been enjoying my retirements. I DO miss my Momma Katherine, and Momma ‘Liyas, and Boy Colten and Boy Cajun, but I REALLY like my new brother and sisters and mommies. My mommies send pictures and updates to Momma Katherine and Momma ‘Liyas all the time, so it’s ALMOST like I’ve never left. Almost.

James (Blu Too James)The cat, not so much. She’s so MEAN! She eats maih feets when I go by the bed, and then this one time for NO reason, she tried to eat maih face! Why does she DO these things to meez?

My new sister Hattie is my one twue wuvs. She is the Butterbeans to my Cornbread. I mean, she tries to pretend she doesn’t really love me, but she does, in secrets. Mommies have pictures to prove it. Sometimes I wait until she is asleep and snuggle with her. The moms say I’m kind of a stalker, but it’s all for wuvs!

My two other sisters are MoonBeam and Keiva. They really are sisters. They love to play with me, but MoonBeam is a sore loser. She gets SO MAD if I’m in front of her when we’re zooming! She tries to eat my face through the muzzle when that happens. Why everbody gotta eat my face? Well, Keiva doesn’t try to eat my face, but she WILL run me over if I’m in her way.

And then there is my brother Tista. He is the Old Man. He taught me to bark. Lots! Bark at eberfangs. Together we have totally saved the house with the power of our barking! From Skittles the meanie dog behind the fence, to people walking on our street, sketchy plastic bags – we are ON DUTY! I have been doing SUCH a good job lately, Tista has been leaving most of the barking up to me. That must mean I am getting to be a Big Boy if I get to do the barking. I want to be a Big Boy. Big Boy like Tista. The moms say Tista isn’t a role model, but I think he is super cools and want to be just like hims.

The moms say they are willing to share updates at any times. Until then, there are zoomies to be had and barkings to be done (and maybe a kiss for Hattie)!

* Katherine, ‘Liyas, Colten and Cajun are from Blu Too *